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Select your own garments & Colours

Choose your garments from our vast selection, located on our products page

It's easy to do, just click on the items that you'd like to sell and add them to your wishlist

Let us know which colours you'd like to offer via the wishlist


Email over the logo(s) you'll be using on the clothing

We'll then get the logo(s) 'set up' and emailed back to you for your approval

There's no charge for the set up and if you'd like to receive a hard copy fabric sample in the post, please let us know

Let us know which logo you'd like to use on which garments and the position you'd like the logo to go in


We'll superimpose your logo(s) onto the front window image of each chosen garment

profit margin

Tell us how much you'd like to add to each garment, earning yourself some extra £'s

We'll pay out this profit margin, in the form of commission, directly into your bank account (as long as it has reached £30)

Commission payments are made at the end of January, April, July and October

Please ensure you've provided us with your bank account details


Let us know how many you'd like and what they are

You can include (and later remove) a specific event tab

slogan tshirts

A set of fun slogan t.shirts for your sport (with the option to add on a club name on the back) is automatically built in

A special gift voucher section is also built in

category buttons

Send us some images of your players wearing the clothing and we'll use as your category image buttons

Optional Extras

Add in your own optional extras for your customers to personalise their garments.

We offer embroidery and print services, you can decide upon the position of each customisation e.g. left breast, right breast, spine print, sleeve print etc.

clothing refresh

We offer you the opportunity to refresh your garments a maximum of 3 times per year


Can be purchased to display in your clubhouse for people to try on before buying

 'contact us' button

Is built into your shop so that your customers can contact us directly if they have any questions

We'll liaise with your customers directly on all shop matters


Your customers will be able to click, order and pay online via secure, recognised payment gateways

terms & conditions

A set of of terms & conditions is automatically built into your shop

Customer Support

Continuous online shop service, your customers can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Customer information is managed in accordance with GDPR guidelines

Telephone support 9am-5pm (Monday-Friday, not including Bank Holidays or Christmas week)

Email support 9am-5pm (Monday-Friday, not including Bank Holidays or Christmas week)

The shop is perfect for…

Anybody that has pride in their brand and would like to promote it and make it more visible

Any club / organisation that would like to offer their members the opportunity to buy their brand online, at any time, and have their goods delivered directly back to the individual buyer

Anybody that is tired of buying in bulk, carrying stock, being left with unwanted stock

It’s perfect for those organisations that would like to professionalise and add to their service with this perfect, additional member benefit opportunity

Partner with us

We supply the clothing, we customise the clothing and we deliver the clothing,
with your club logo and other personalisations directly to the buyer


 Contact us at sales@merchandise.clothing